Imagining Change

Guided Meditation Training

(30 Day Group)


Get Clearer, Calmer, & more Connected,

    …so what’s inside can express.



  • Weekly Coaching Sessions with James by Zoom (60/30/30 min) (3x total)
  • Group Workshops in Person to Open & Close Training (3 hrs)  (2x)
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls (50 min) (3x)
  • Training Guidebook/Journal
  • Accountability Partner (Daily for 21 days – direct or by audio-voicemail)
  • Guided Meditation & Music – Digital Downloads

Who is it for: A private group of peers, partners, friends (6-8) that are seeking (as individuals);

1. Greater Clarity about what they really want.

2. To develop & grow with what they are called to come forward with.

3. To get touch with that next level in life.

With so many choices, and changes in the evolution of who we are? And who are called to be?  we will create a supportive space to be

  1. Honest about whats alive for us? & where our energy is at today,
  2. Get Aligned with It, &
  3. Name & Claim what’s True.

Training Focus

  • Develop a daily meditation practice once and for all that can be done easily, anytime, anywhere.
  • Set foundation for a multipurpose meditation practice…
  • That supports your spirituality, relationships, clarity, creativity, high performance, stress reduction, & sleep,
  • Jump start your meditation practice if it feels like
  • (“I Can’t seem to get started.” Or “I get started, and lose track of it”)
  • Sustainability – Have a system for keeping it going that’s effortless because its unique and to you.

Other Benefits

  • Increase Calm, decrease Anxiety
  • Increase Clarity, decrease Info Overload
  • Increase Connection, decrease feeling of being Disconnected

Your ROI? Increase capacity to imagine change, manage energy, & level up.

Schedule Details:

Fee: $995.00

Contact James Ripley 720 231-7900 cell,

How I discovered meditation through napping.