The Mindful Minute™

Guided Meditation & Visualization Workshop

(Onsite Group Interactive)

Get Clearer, Calmer, & more Connected,

    …in one minute.

Create the space, if even for an instant, to more effectively level up, focus in, or ask that essential question.

This is an interactive guided meditation and visualization workshop designed to help busy professionals access mindful states more quickly and easily.

Weather you rely on meditation, visualization, prayer, or a flow state, identifying the unique personal symbology as it relates to each moment is a powerful tool.

Why? because it’s about the relationship you have with the moment, that allows you to be more mindful.

And once you trust it, its sustainable, effortless, 2nd nature….and it won’t even take a minute.

Three Learner Outcomes

  1. Learn how you relax your mind versus your body, & the basic science behind it.
  2. Identify your unique personal symbology for a great mindful minute to build upon.
  3. How to be mindful with yourself & with others for better communication and rapport.

Who is it for: A private group of professionals that are wanting as a group or as individuals to

Training Focus

  • Create a minute of meditation that makes you want a second one…and build on that.
  • Set foundation for a multipurpose meditation practice…
  • That supports your spirituality, relationships, clarity, creativity, high performance, stress reduction, & sleep.
  • Jump start your meditation practice if it feels like
  • (“I Can’t seem to get started.” Or “I get started, and lose track of it”)
  • Sustainability – Have a system for keeping it going that’s effortless because its unique and to you.

Other Benefits

  • Increase Calm, decrease Anxiety
  • Increase Clarity, decrease Info Overload
  • Increase Connection, decrease feeling of being Disconnected

Your ROI? Increase capacity to imagine change, manage energy, & level up.

Schedule Details:

Group Fee:

Contact James Ripley 720 231-7900 cell,

How I discovered meditation through napping.