Guided Meditation Talks with James Ripley

Impact with Purpose –  For your Events, Meetings, and Workshops


The Open – Setting the Tone! ….from the beginning.

The Kick-off meditation is about setting the intention for the day and “Imagining Change”. Getting clear about what you want out of this experience; opening minds and hearts with an attitude of curiosity so that people can take-in the most meaningful information from the day. Get Clear, Intentional, and Unified before you move forward.


The Mid Point- Recharge & Reset! (lunch)

Post lunch the audience may feel a bit fatigued, lethargic, & scattered. Win your audience’s attention back by helping them get fully grounded, clear & re-energized for the afternoon, and simultaneously tee up the afternoon for your speakers. Invite all to learn an essential work flow skill; how to “Meditate Easily, Anytime, Anywhere”.


The Close – Integration! …Ground & Go.

Show your appreciation for their hard earned work and support them with “Implementing Change” in a more personally sustainable way. Wrap it up with a bow by providing one last moment to reflect on the day and appreciate the people who will design a purpose driven future for our collective success.


Guided Meditation Talk – “Imagining Change” at Evoso Live 3-29-18