Imagining Change™ Experience

A Guided Meditation Experience

(Individual / 3.0 hr)


Get Clearer, Calmer, & more Connected,

    …so what’s inside can express.

What you get out of it: 

  • A confidential experience in a safe place to explore what is most important
  • Deeper clarity about what you want in your life, and how to achieve it
  • A feeling of peace and calm that results from being more inner connected
  • Removal of mental blocks holding you back
  • An opportunity to up-level performance and goal achievement
  • Better understanding of what drives you and what blocks you
  • Use of a biofeedback instrument during your experience
  • A personalized meditation/visualization road map

Who you are: 

You are successful, driven, open and willing to take responsibility for your own life and success.

Have you ever felt you have a bigger calling and either aren’t sure what it is exactly, or want to better understand it?

Lack clarity in your goals, dreams and visioning for your personal or professional future?

Feel frustrated, stuck and tapped into a feeling there is something more?


Why you come:

Have you ever worked with a coach who asked this question…”What do you want?” It’s a great clarifying question, that allows your coach to do their job better by knowing where you want to go.

However sometimes we not aren’t exactly sure what we want, or are needing that deeper feeling to move forward. The good news is that answers lie deep within our psyche, but for many reasons you may not have access to it. Imagining Change™ helps you to gain that access, so you can answer that question clearly and confidently…and then march forward with a plan.

Sometimes, you know exactly what you want – but aren’t sure what’s holding you back. Blind spots, limited beliefs, or lack of a north star may stunt your ability to create the impact you want to see in your world, and Imagining Change™ helps you to navigate a path forward.

When you sign up for Imagining Change™, you will come to my office in Boulder, CO. You’ll take a seat in the zero-gravity chair, and I’ll cover you with a weighted blanket. You even get a biofeedback instrument to use during your experience to help you learn how to better navigate your inner landscape in the future.  You choose if you stare out a window into nature, or into the fireplace.  The goal is to create feeling of safety and a blank canvas experience where you can create from.

Before we begin, we’ll first get clear on what exactly you’d like to change, improve or discover during this experience. During the 3-hour session I will take you deep into a guided meditation that is facilitated by me, but directed by you. It’s almost like a dream – but you are awake, and in full control of your own destiny.

A wide range of things may happen during Imagining Change™. Most of my clients are surprised by the results they emerge from, simply because they are so authentic, so true – yet have been so unattainable for so long. The end result is a deeper sense of clarity and connection to what drives you, and you’ll leave with a custom “metaphor” which is like a mental landmark for the progress we achieved, so you can go back and visit it any time.


If you feel ready to imagine the change you want to see in your life in 2020 and beyond, I’d love to speak with you. Click here to schedule an introductory call. 720 231-7900 cell

All the best,

James Ripley

Fee: $495.00

Contact James Ripley 720 231-7900 cell,

Other Benefits

  • Increase Calm, decrease Anxiety
  • Increase Clarity, decrease Info Overload
  • Increase Connection, decrease feeling of being Disconnected

Your ROI? Increase capacity to imagine change, manage energy, & level up.

How I discovered meditation through napping.