“We have been guided, we are being guided, we will be guided.”

Sharon O’Hara


The Guided Meditation Institute was created to give busy people, who are ready for a change,


the opportunity to be guided more deeply into a profoundly-meaningful meditation experience


that will help to guide you the rest of your life.


If you want to be more connected to that deeper part of you?  and share that inner beauty?  Join us!

21 Day Program

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daily meditation practice

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Private Session

Imagining Change

from Insight to Inception

Design with Purpose

Session with James 3.0 hrs 

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Imagining Change

Access the change you need to make in your business and life from your meditation.

 From insight to inception, my guided meditations empower you to access your own wisdom,

and bring about the changes that are ready to come through.

It starts with clarity about what you “really” want!

The kind of clarity that only comes from within.

James Ripley

I’m James Ripley, Founder of The Guided Meditation Institute.

I am a professional practitioner/trainer of guided meditation with the use of biofeedback and brainwaves.

I guide people to have a profoundly meaningful meditation experience,  and to empower their dreams.

There is great power in both meditation, and in being guided into deep relaxation because of what we gain access to inside ourselves.

And this access often requires us to “let go” to get there.

These are places of higher spiritual awareness and it can feel like a new way of being, because it is.

You will be guided to relax so deeply that your brainwaves actually change. (Link Brainwave science)

You become more yourself! & more true-to-you as a result.

And that feels amazing! It opens your natural genius, creativity, clarity, flow, peace, calm, and a deeper sense of meaning & connection with spirit and the world, and more importantly it unites you to what’s alive inside.

And we will  “landmark” this deeper you, and this space, so you can learn to guide yourself back to it. Not just “think it”.

It may be a deeper part of you or higher purpose that’s guiding you, or it may be there’s a part of you that needs attention, healing, or transformation.

Where we go is up to you.

And the way we do it, is we “let go” to get there!

If you would like to be guided, and be more connected to that deeper part of you? and that inner beauty?  Join us!


What did they experience?….coming soon.

In working with James with a private immersion session, it was profound. Surprising. Insightful. Healing. I can’t begin to describe how incredible the experience was. It was NEW unlike anything I had experienced before. I’ve attended many meditation workshops …and can say my internal experience with this process was unparalleled. So deep. So profound. Sacred. Clarifying.

After the session I felt uplifted and relaxed at the same time with a greater trust in life. A sense of levity and enthusiasm and a feeling of a return to myself. For Anyone that wants to explore their consciousness and experience a deeper state of being.

James facilitates in the most profound, skillful way. Creating a sense of safety. What perhaps amazed me most was that he wasn’t guiding me in meditation but walking me into my own meditation ..supporting my consciousness in going to a deeper place.

Truly magical and blissful. While also healing.

Lisa Guyman – Spiritual Educator, Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master